How my 50 year old mother survived a dangerous tumor

The story of 

My background is in real estate investing and finance. In 1995 my path changed when I decided to research a cure to save my mother’s life. From that moment forward I spent countless hours searching and learning from scientists and experts in the medical field, until I discovered the technology (DTX7) that helped save my mother.

Having seen what it did for her, I made it my personal mission to share this technology with as many people as possible and over the course of 20 years I have helped thousands all over the world.

Living in Los Angeles, CA at the age of 50, my mother develops a tumor in her back and over the next few years it grew to the size of an orange. We tried all medical treatments given to her yet nothing worked.

Last option would be surgery but the doctor decides it would be difficult and high risk since the tumor was now incrusted into her spinal cord.

So we were back where we started.

She tried prescription medication in combination with alternative medicine, natural supplements to no avail.

At this point she was growing depressed, gained weight, not to mention the daily pain.

As time passed with no major progress, I then decide to research here and around the world for a solution

There had to be one…


What I found was a natural element in nature that can cure just about any disease… “Oxygen” Yes, oxygen. In addition to that I learned that free radicals and toxins in the body are responsible for premature aging and disease.

In my research, I found hundreds of cases of people that were cured by oxygen therapies.

I went back to doctors with piles of information excited about my findings only to be dismissed with a “no” that isn’t available here in the states.

So I decided to fund and organize a project to develop a natural product that would increase oxygen levels in the body. That project took 2 years to develop and at the end of those 2 years we had it!

One small bottle with a lemon-like flavor liquid.

I started giving my mother a few drops of this liquid mixed in water. Three weeks later, nothing.

By the fourth week, she calls me and says “I don’t know what’s in these drops but I feel better than I have in the past 5 years”.

Fast forward 8 months and the tumor is gone!

And for me. I lost about 40 pounds and never gain that weigh back to this date.

That was 20 years ago and today my mother is 80 years young, active with all her mental and physical capacities. She’s the youngest old lady I know.

I thought to myself, how many more families out there are living with a similar problem with their loved ones suffering from health problems?

So I started asking “do you know of somebody who is suffering from a disease? Every single answer was “yes”.

I knew it was my mission from that point forward to share this technology with as many out there as possible in a simple and affordable way. 


For 20 years now it has helped hundreds of thousands of people with amazing and positive results and testimonies.

DTX7 formula helps our cells obtain more oxygen from water and helps the body neutralize free radicals.

Both combined, help with the detoxification and repair process at the cellular level.

DTX7 has been tested for more than 10 years by an independent FDA approved lab for safety and sold in many countries with nothing but positive testimonies.

I personally and my family have been taking it for 20 years with excellent results and no long term negative effects.

You can take DTX7 with any drink of your choice. The efficacy will be the same.

You don’t need to feel anything to know that DTX7 is working for you especially if you are a healthy person. On the other hand, people with health issues will feel the difference right away and/or for the next four weeks or more due to the fact that the body is in desperate need of help. After that, you may or may not feel much but DTX7 is working and doing its job with every drop you drink.

Keep taking it for long term benefits.

To get maximum results you should take DTX7 for at least 4 months in a row

DTX7 is in full compliance with FDA under the dietary supplements health and education act of 1994 (DSHEA)

I have been in business for 10 years with zero complaints or returns for lack of results.

DTX7 is all natural, very simple to use and it works for all ages.

Put a few drops of DTX7 in your water as your daily routine.

This new habit will be the most important as it will give you benefits beyond belief.

What do you think about this story? Like me, you can also start today your own journey with DTX7 and notice great benefits in your life.


Warmest regards,
CEO & Founder Raul de la O.


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